The Corporate Leader: Creating Purpose and meaning

“A CEO’s schedule is a manifestation of how the leader leads and sends powerful messages to the rest of the organization”

Porter and Nohria

THIS Avanza Executive Leader Series is aimed at top officials who lead demanding and complex lives in the corporate world. These stand-alone sessions enable participants to explore and challenge current issues by listening to speakers, colleagues speaking about their own world and how they handle issues that they face.

A workshop-style approach will be adopted that whilst respecting your busy lifestyle allows you to take some time off and be with others to engage in a discourse that will help you to reflect on how you spend your time, the leadership messages you are sending to others within and outside your organization. Top speakers who work directly in the field will always be invited to take an active part in the sessions.

These workshop will engage you with various readings, case studies and encounters with top executives who will share their own stories to personal and professional success. The overall intent of this series is to challenge people to

The sessions will allow you to:

  • Reflect on how you view your role within the organization
  • Engage with the notions of culture as a ‘set of living relationships’
  • Re/visit how you allocate time
  • Review the way you communicate and connect with others
  • Explore the dualities of the job:
  • Integrating direct decision making with indirect levers like strategy and culture;
  • Balancing internal and external constituencies;
  • Proactively pursue an agenda
  • Focusing on impact of actions.