Founded in 2019, Avanza Training Academy is a centre of excellence, where providing a high-quality professional development experience is our priority.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Founded in 2019 Avanza Academy is a centre of excellence. Built on the core principle of providing an inspiring, supportive and caring learning experience for all students and members of staff. Every effort is made to work in collaboration with our students, where learning is a shared partnership between lecturer and student.

Licensed as a Further & Higher Education Institution with the Malta Further & Higher  Education Authority (MFHEA, Licence No. 2019-004), Avanza is built on three core values;


Central to education lies inspiration; Inspiring the creative minds of others, as opposed to filling heads with knowledge is our ambition. Our students learn through interpreting concepts, and sharing ideas, whilst developing a sense of empowerment, leading to creative inspiration. 


Central to inspiration lies support; A supportive learning environment enables the curiosity and wonder of minds. Our students are academically and  professionally supported, so learning is a creative endeavour and not a process of  consumption.  


Central to support lies care; We all share the human propensity to care for the hearts and minds of others. Our students are individuals in their own right, their  ideas and views are valued, therefore, education provides an opportunity to care  for the intellectual needs of students and wider communities.  

Our Promise to Our Students…

Our unique portfolio of vocational and entrepreneurial courses provides students with the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. Through creating inspiring, contemporary student-focused learning environments, all students are supported and cared for during their time with us.

Committed to ensuring students gain the very best from their learning experience, every student is seen through a holistic lens. This includes acknowledging their academic and professional skills and competencies. Demonstrated through our extensive range of student services, personal tutor support and career signposting services, every Avanza student experiences a fair and ethical vision of education.

Why Choose to Study at Avanza?

As a recognised course provider, we pride ourselves on being dynamic and enterprising in our approach. The dignity and worth of every student are at the heart of our service, where maximising the potential of every individual is harnessed through high-quality service. Every effort is made to work in collaboration with our students, where learning is a shared partnership. There are a number of reasons why inter/national students choose us…

  • Our unique range of accredited and complimentary professional CPDs; 
  • Courses centred on three main disciplinary divisions Education, Sports and Entrepreneurship;
  • Individualised support from our dedicated Course Lecturing and Administration Team;
  • Individualised academic and personal development, resulting in student satisfaction and  positive learning experiences; 
  • Organised and hassle-free work-based learning and career-focused experiences;
  • Opportunities to experience real-life industries with inter/national employers;
  • Numerous opportunities to collaborate and build professional networks; 
  • Space to harness employability skills and competencies;  
  • Guided by our committed Work-Based Learning Team;  
  • Opportunities to engage with academic and professional reflective practice; and 
  • To experience the historical island of Malta, with its unique culture, and diversity, where both languages Maltese and English are national languages.

What is Avanza’s Approach to Diversity?

Equality & Diversity

Avanza prioritises a conducive learning and working environment for all students and members of staff. We believe in building a culture of diversity and equality. We pride ourselves on having a zero discrimination, bullying and harassment policy, as a result, we celebrate the cultural capital of all individuals.

Rights & Respectability

Avanza believes everyone has a right to education and each individual has the right to learn and work within a fair, non-judgemental dignified setting.

Avanza advocates respectability to all by providing opportunities for students to harness their unique talents and potential growth.

Avanza values individuality where every student and member of staff is unique in their own right. All beliefs, values, ideas, aptitudes and abilities are accepted and respected. Irrespective of socio-economic background, status, age, gender, identity, race, nationality, colour, religion or sexual orientation.

What is Avanza’s Approach to Teaching & Learning?

All courses are taught via face-to-face lectures/seminars. Designed in a flexible, blended learning approach whereby the student is provided with the opportunity:

  • To be engaged in explorative and experiential learning (discovery learning), closely tied to the practical application;
  • To be engaged in discovery learning, following a constructivist approach whereby the learner constructs his/her own learning;
  • To be encouraged and supported, so as to take responsibility for their own learning;
  • To learn through a face-to-face approach (learning by listening; lectures and group discussion);
  • To learn through hands-on activities (learning by doing; workshops, presentations, classroom/placement observations);
  • To participate and interact in discussions and debate whereby students can also share their experiences and build a critical approach to a particular topic of discussion (lecture-discussion and feedback discussions); and
  • Negotiate between former views and knowledge and acquired learning.

Avanza provides differentiated teaching which is aimed at addressing a range of learning styles/multiple intelligences.  As part of the enrolment process, learners will be informally assessed for any individual learning needs. 

Tutors will vary the structure and delivery mode across a range of teaching sessions. They will also use a range of resources, such as print, visual, aural and experiential methods, to cater to every student. This is also reflected in the range of assessment modes used to assess our students 

“Being an international student, all the staff at Avanza were very supportive throughout my learning. I am very happy as I am part of Avanza” – Megha Talwar

“Being a mother of two young children and studying at the same time I think was difficult at the time. As time passed, I was going to quit many times, as I thought I was not good enough. But with all the extra support that I received from the Avanza team, I successfully completed the course and now I am considering continuing to the next MQF level 5” – Rebecca Bugeja