CPD provides professionals with the opportunity to become consciously aware of their professional competence through adopting a proactive approach to learning.

Avanza students are encouraged to view their respective professional abilities through a holistic lens, achieved by taking advantage of a variety of short and long-term learning opportunities on offer at Avanza.  

Our Professional Skills Division provides a diverse range of short courses, e-learning programmes, seminars, workshops and conferences. Furthermore, Avanza CPD encompasses reflective and self-directed forms of learning. Therefore, Avanza provides a comprehensive suite of different learning approaches, facilitating students to focus on improving professional techniques, ideas and skills within related professions.  

In addition to existing qualifications, adults are advised to engage with professional development as means to sustain their position within competitive industries. Because of this, Avanza considers CPD as the necessary up-skilling opportunities to ensure that professional status remains current and vibrant regardless of educational level, employment status and age.  

CPD Areas  

  • Professional/Personal Development Strategies  
  • Visioning Professional Success  
  • Performance Improvement  
  • Success & Failure  
  • Professional Mindfulness & Reflective Practice
  • Positive Health Mindset  
  • Interpersonal & Professional Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence  
  • Stress Management  
  • Professional Relations & Networking 
  • Professional Management & Leadership
  • Information & Digital Literacy  
  • Information Technology  
  • Business & Conversation English  
  • Career Management