On the Importance of Learning

We are, as humans, constantly faced with change…even more so today, when we are living in a world where the only constant is disruption, we need to keep constantly agile to be equipped with the necessary competences and attitudes to succeed in whatever we are doing. Within this context, the important of lifelong learning takes on an important dimension.

The field of human resource development offers us with the opportunity to keep on learning. Education and training provides us with the capability of developing our human capital and, as a result, do our best in our daily endeavours, be at work, life, sports and other activity we might be engaged in. It is from this reality that the mission of Avanza has been based.

At Avanza we aim to develop education and training programmes which are of value to our learners. We strive to achieve this aim by engaging with stakeholders and experts in the field in a process of effective curriculum design. Education and training models are based on an outcomes based approach, whereby learners are fully informed about where the learning process will take them throughout their journey with Avanza.

Moreover, we believe that the importance of learning is also dependent on the quality of the educator and trainer. It is with this mind-set that learning with Avanza takes on an innovative style with the combination of various teaching methods modelled on the concept of multiple intelligence. Learners learn differently and learners learn by practicing and doing what they learn. This cyclical nature of learning requires educators and trainers which are professional, experienced and act as facilitators of the learning process.

Our guarantee is simple. Our mission is clear. We are here to support you by facilitating your learning process and in the process assist you to keep moving forward. Avanza!