Investing in your most valuable assets

In light of the 2007 Global Financial Crisis, organisational turbulence has become familiar territory for countless professionals across incalculable professions. Organisational instability and uncertainty have radically transformed the working lives of executives and employees, which in turn has significantly influenced the performance and focused perception of work-related goals (Fugate et al., 2008). As we live in a world of increasing digitisation, where our preoccupation with the unknown possibilities of artificial intelligence is becoming the norm, many feel we are in danger of forgetting the importance of emotional intelligence. The investment we place on workplace coaching and professional development matters, people matter, more importantly, professional relationships matter. 

Investing in professional development is no longer a novel intervention and can often incur hefty amounts of annual revenue and time spent organising, coordinating the internal/external learning environment. Nevertheless, the benefits of providing work-based developmental have substantially shown to positive effects across all business domains; productivity, financial performance and employee motivation/retention (Castellanos & Martin, 2011; Glaveli & Karassavidou, 2011)

Finding the “right” professional training for your organisation can be an arduous task, given the field of professional development seems saturated with a promise of “up-skilling” your workplace by “solving” organisational issues. Many organisations lack the in-house skills that qualified behavioural scientists, psychologists and/or educational specialists have (Grant & Zackon, 2004).  Because of this, Avanza Academy is the first independent learning provider to bring a fresh new vision to workplace development, where at the heart of our Executive Series, Professor Christopher Bezzina (FCCEAM) (alongside guest speakers) welcomes organisational diversity and creativity. Through our new series of short themed sessions, Avanza provides a welcoming space for the diversity that permeates today’s labour market.

The Executive Series is based on four themed professional tropes; “Manage your work, manage your life” “Reaching our goals; defining personal and professional success” “Turning goals into results, the power of catalytic mechanisms” and “Profit through sustainability”. Moreover, we welcome your feedback, should there be an area of your organisation which you feel requires developing, our professional team is open to collaborating with you to develop a bespoke, tailor-made professional development session(s) for you and your organisation. Kindly contact us directly for further details on