Getting to know our Brand Ambassador…

Mature students are often faced with a myriad of challenges before being accepted into a further and higher learning institute. Careful decisions need to be made, such as ensuring the course is right for you, whether you will be able to manage the extra workload on-top of, an existing full schedule. More importantly, if the course is a good fit for you and how will it relate to your professional development? 

At Avanza Academy, we realise what it takes for students to make life choices, to take the leap of faith by investing in education. As an education provider, we wanted to make the personal visible and so felt it was time to bring on-board someone who not only believes in facing whatever curve-ball life throws at them, but in the power of education. Someone who, as a mature student has lived, breathed and been inspired by education. 

With an epic career in football both on and off the pitch, Andrew Hogg has been there, done it and certainly earned the t-shirt for his 20 year professional football career as an internationally renowned goal keeper. Having played for both domestic and international teams, we are proud to announce that Andrew has accepted to be the brand ambassador for Avanza Academy. Based on a shared understanding of professionalism, self-growth and development ideals. Not only has Andrew gained a wealth of life-experience both as a professional athlete, a mentor, furthermore, as a father of two, Andrew is authentic in helping others achieve the very best in life.

Living abroad with his family and signed to an international team, Andrew’s experience simply opened his eyes to differences in sport culture and social unrest. His story, like so many of us, has had a profound influence on the way Andrew now sees life. Not only does he have stories to tell his children and grandchildren, but in 2016 he decided to change his game by returning to Malta. Admittedly, Andrew found himself at a cross roads, a moment of career uncertainty, where he questioned his professional purpose. Choosing to embrace the fear of change, with the support from family and friends, Andrew returned to education in 2017 whilst still playing for the national team.

Since retiring from professionally playing this year, Andrew remains passionate about his love of sport, however, has spent the past five years discovering ways to influence the lives of others. As an advocate for social justice, equality, empowerment and self-growth, he is the perfect match for the Avanza team. Andrew is simply not a brand ambassador on the sidelines waiting to sell you a course, Andrew is living proof that life experience coupled with education can be the right path to enrich career direction for any professional. Andrew continues to put what he has learnt from his undergraduate degree in Sports Psychology and currently his masters to good use. Discovering a way to mentally support the mindset of athletes on and off the pitch, as a mental performance coach with the Malta Football Association (MFA), Andrew firmly believes in holistically working alongside athletes. A belief that aligns with the core values of Avanza; to inspire, support and care for those engaged within education.

At Avanza Academy, we claim to support our students though a holistic student-focused adult learning approach. With our dedicated team of expertise within the educational field, we believe Andrew’s contribution provides the missing piece to the education puzzle. As brand ambassador, Andrew is on-hand with his authentic approach to help support our existing students. With his wealth of knowledge and life experience, he provides that extra va-va-voom to being an Avanza student, regardless of what course you will be engaged with. 

So why not take a look on how you, like Andrew, can advance your career with Avanza Academy…