Collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo… A shared vision for Sports

Avanza Academy is thrilled to announce a collaborative initiative with the Ministry for Gozo for Gozitans. The initiative provides individuals with the opportunity to up-skill their existing knowledge, skills and competencies within related sports fields. For example, anyone with an avid interest in sports, or those currently working within sports organisations, even those teaching Physical Education (P.E) are encouraged to join this golden opportunity to develop their professional identity. 

As part of Avanza’s portfolio of accredited qualifications, part-of their Undergraduate Higher Diploma in Sports Management (MQF Level 5, 120 ECTS)* has been selected by the Ministry for Gozo, meaning that successful graduates will be awarded an Award in Sports Management (MQF Level 5 40 ECTS)* which includes the following  accredited modules;

  • Introduction to World of Sports Administration & Management (6 ECTS)
    • As an introduction to the course, this module presents students with an introduction to the world and evolution of sports, whilst focusing on the history of sports administration and management. Allowing students to grasp how contemporary practices have been shaped and influenced. 
  • Strategic People Management in Sports Organisations (8 ECTS)
    • This module provides an introduction to the principles and practices of human resources, people management, exposing students to theory-driven practices that are seen in contemporary sports organisations. 
  • Finance for Sport Managers (8 ECTS)
    • This hands-on module provides students with the knowledge and skills to apply various basic accounting techniques and insight into making effective financial decisions. 
  • Strategic Sport Organisation Management (10 ECTS)
    • In this module, students will grasp an understanding of the basic principles in governing strategic management and learn to apply related theories to real-life sports scenarios from a business perspective. 
  • Sport Facility Management & Event Planning (8 ECTS)
    • This module focuses on planning, implementing and evaluating sports facilities and events, by exposing students to the foundational principles of preparing sport events, initiatives and activities. 

Once completed, students would then have the opportunity to progress as an Avanza student to complete the full Undergraduate Higher Diploma in Sports Management (MQF Level 5, 120 ECTS) at their leisure.

Avanza Academy ensures that all students are taught by leading experts within the field and their academic skills are fully supported throughout the course. This involves optional one-to-one support meetings, ongoing feedback and related study skills. 

Sharing the collective endeavour to strengthen the foundations of sport, coupled with the belief of offering accessible, affordable educational and vocational opportunities for those in pursuit of professional growth, Avanza Academy and the Ministry for Gozo offer an attractive student fee payment scheme. 

Based on successful completion of the course, the Ministry for Gozo is offering a 30% subsidiary student fee scholarship, in addition to, students eligibility of the 70% Get Qualified Scheme** Furthermore, a staggered payment scheme is additionally on offer with Avanza. Module sessions will take place two evenings a week (5:00-8:00 pm) at the University of Malta Centre in Xewkija. 

Those who are interested in joining the course, or wish to ask questions concerning the course are kindly asked to directly contact the team at Avanza Academy, either by telephone at +356 2149 8994 or by email to

* Accredited by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) (Avanza Academy Institute Licence No: 2019-004)
** Terms and conditions apply, further details can be found