Advance your professional career with Avanza…

We believe life itself is already your teacher, we simply provide you with space, the necessary tools to advance your knowledge and to invest in your future.

Founded in 2019 Avanza Academy is a centre of excellence. With an unwavering commitment to inspire, support and care for all students and members of staff, our mission is to create a unique learning opportunity for all. 

Central to education lies inspiration. Inspiring the creative minds of others, as opposed to filling heads with knowledge is our ambition. Our students learn through interpreting concepts, sharing ideas, whilst developing a sense of empowerment, leading to creative inspiration.

Central to inspiration lies support. A supportive learning environment enables the curiosity and wonder of minds. Our students are academically and professionally supported, so learning is a creative endeavour and not a process of consumption. 

Central to support lies care. We all share the human propensity to care for the hearts and minds of others. Our students are individuals in their own right, their ideas and views are valued, therefore, education provides an opportunity to care for the intellectual needs of students and wider communities. 

As a recognised course provider, we pride ourselves on being dynamic and enterprising in our approach. The dignity and worth of every student are at the heart of our service, where maximising the potential of every individual is harnessed through high-quality service. Every effort is made to work in collaboration with our students, where learning is a shared partnership.

“When one teaches, two learn” – Robert Heinlein 

With our dedicated learning team, conducive environment, student services and resources, Avanza Academy fulfils the promise to support the needs of both local and international students. 

Since our inception,  Avanza has developed a suite of accredited and non-accredited courses, seminars and public talks. Categorised under three core disciplines; Education, Sports and Entrepreneurship, all are designed and developed by our team of leading educators and experts within the field. Our disciplinary divisions offer a diverse range of educational and professional opportunities for anyone choosing or already working within related industries. Through complementary work-based learning placements, Avanza students have the opportunity to advance their skills and competencies based on what they have learnt during their course engagement. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Avanza Academy, where education is life itself!