Reconnectiong the Professional Self.. The course provides the required experiences to link theory to practice, developing skills and competencies as well as personal qualities and attitudes which are essential for any Educator/Teacher/Carer or Mentor. During the course, candidates will be encouraged to engage in pedagogical critical and reflective discussions, whilst complimentary activities will help them to acquire the required reflective skills.

This course has been specifically designed to equip professionals with the theoretical knowledge, understanding and the applicable skills for a successful employment journey by;

• Developing a clear understanding and concept of social environmental stress within the work place;
• Exploring the different strategies to handle and deal with challenging and/or threatening situations within a learning/school environment;
• Develop a clear understanding of approaching work/personal related stress through a Biopsychosocial lens(conceptualizing how each component relates to each other);
• Develop a clear understanding of own professional self-awareness and self-regulation;
• Develop the skills to be mindful of own emotional regulating processes;
• Explore various tools needed for professional self-reflection; and
• To understand the application of professional self-care strategies within individuals professional place of work.

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Malta Qualifications Framework

The Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) assists in making the Maltese qualifications system easier to understand and review, and more transparent at a national and international level. The Malta Qualifications Framework is also a referencing tool that helps to describe and compare both national and foreign qualifications to promote quality, transparency and mobility of qualifications in all types of education. It is mainly referenced to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) as well as to other non-European qualifications frameworks.

The reference levels make it easier to understand what a learner with a qualification related to the Malta Qualifications Framework knows, understands and is able to do. These levels are neutral reference points to be used for all qualifications irrespective of whether they arise from academic or vocational education; formal, informal and non-formal learning.  These are useful for education and training providers as they describe the knowledge, skills and competences and a set of learning outcomes which indicate to the learner the end of a learning process.

Malta established its Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) in 2007 and the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) is the local competent authority to recognise qualifications and accredit courses against the Malta Qualifications Framework.

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Candidates are required to be 18+ years of age and to have successfuly completed a minimum of a related MQF Level 4 Award/Certification in a related field. For example Health & Social Care/Early Years Development, Education & Care/ Mentoring & Counselling/ Youth Studies/ Inclusive Education/ Sports or Performing Arts.
Mature Candidates (+23 years at the start of the course applied for), subject to proficiency and/or aptitude tests as directed by the Academy. AVANZA also reserves the right to hold a course application interview prior to acceptance.

In order to qualify for this course, candidates will be expected to have shown both observed skills and theorectical comprehension by;
• Contributing towards professional group discussion, group activities within lectures and workshop environments;
• Contribute and participate in group work during the planning and exhecution of group presentation task;
• Demonstrate theoretical comprehension through their individual Refective Essay;


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