Senior executives in this generation often feel that they can’t achieve ‘balance’ through constant juggling, which prevents them from engaging meaningfully either at work or at home. They have discovered through hard experience that prospering at their level requires carefully combining work and home so as not to lose themselves, their loved ones, or their foothold on success. Leaders have found that they are more focused and effective when they make deliberate choices about which opportunities to purse in both realms.

Leaders who carefully manage their own human capital in this way maintain a higher degree of satisfaction professionally and personally.

This intensive course is aimed at senior leaders in schools and education departments with the intent of stimulating and motivating them to look at their personal and professional lives and taking a more proactive role in managing their life and reaching their goals.
Three main areas will be explored as the programme unfolds:

1. Work-life harmony
2. Reaching Goals
3. Turning Goals into Results – The Power of Team Work


1 Week


September, 2020


Face to face

Entry Criteria

A one time registration fee of €80 covering entrance to activity centres, course material, transports and certificates


Mr. Mark Farrugia


Avanza Academy

Avanza Academy,
1-2, Notabile Road,
Birkirkara, BKR1876,

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