A career in education/care is indeed a vocation, which requires educators/practitioners to have a level of awareness and understanding of the complexity of any given learning environment. All learning environments can be tremendously complex social and emotional places, where educators/practitioners are responsible for the management, learning and care of their students. The complexity lies within the invisible parts of the social structure of education and can often be difficult for educators/practitioners to navigate.

The social and emotional body of any given learning environment lies within the interaction and energy formed between everyone in it. A conducive day in practice is characterised by; engagement, enthusiasm, joy and happiness, however, when an individual (educator or student) becomes emotionally provoked, chaos seeps into the learning environment. Typically this often results in a change in social dynamics leading to unpleasant social environmental stress. As humans, when faced with challenging or threatening situations, we automatically respond with our innate fight, flight, freeze response. Today, we are mainly threatened by social issues, nevertheless, this threat response narrows our perceptions resulting in defensive and avoidance behaviours. As educators/practitioners, we are trained to understand the needs of students/patients under our care, yet, we often neglect our own professional needs and lack the skills to be mindful of our own emotional regulating processes. Having the tools to self-reflect in practice is vital, however, the ability to self-manage our own perceptions of professional stress as educators/practitioners is often a challenge.

This intense course allows educators/practitioners to reconnect with personal and professional self. By adopting the Biopsychosocial (BPS) model to professional stress, educators/practitioners will discover how the interaction between human biology, psychology and the social environment contributes to their perceived levels of professional stress. The course provides the required experiences to link theory to practice, developing skills and competencies, in addition to the personal qualities that are essential for any professional. During the course, participants will be encouraged to engage in pedagogical critical and reflective discussions, whilst complementary activities will aid in harnessing self-reflective skills.


1 Week


August, 2020


Face to face

Entry Criteria

A one time registration fee of €80 covering entrance to activity centres, course material, transports and certificates


Ms. Georgina Fardoe


Avanza Academy

Avanza Academy,
1-2, Notabile Road,
Birkirkara, BKR1876,

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