Executives and professionals often struggle to find the ‘balance’ between their work lifeand personal life. Therefore, this leads to them suffering from difficulties and pitfalls both at the workplace and at home.

This short-course has been strategically designed to assist executives and professionals how to reconcile their professional and personal life. This course therefore allows them to understand the importance of managing professional and personal life in a way not to lose themselves, their loved ones or their foothold on success. Therefore, this course covers various themes such as defining success, building support networks at home and at work, traveling or relocating selectively, managing technology and collaborating with a partner.

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3 Hours


May, 2021


Face to face/Blended

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Avanza Academy provides high quality education and training programmes to develop the human capital of individuals seeking to become professionals in their respective fields.

Avanza is the result of the coming of minds, of a group of individuals at different stages in life, having different academic backgrounds and professional experiences. But, one thing in common brought us together – a passion for life, for living and for being. Avanza has grown out of the belief that learning takes place when people are passionate about what they do. Passion grows when people genuinely come together to create meaning.

Our time spent together has allowed us to bond, both personally and professionally. Our diversity is our strength and we are driven to engage together so as to provide learning experiences that can make a difference to people’s lives.

Entry Criteria

This course does not have any specific entry criteria. One can join and learn about the importance of balancing personal and professional life.

Mode of Assessment

This course does not have any form of assessment as it is more of an informative and collaborative short-course.

Employers can benefit from having a high performing workforce because individuals learn how to balance their professional and personal responsibilities.

Learners will understand the fundamentals of balancing their life, professional and personally.



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